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Found this to be interesting. not sure what a "Feature" is, but I'll be interested in looking at characters and stuff sometime.

(received from :iconcAlcyoneSong:)

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Chapter 30
It felt like an eternity after the box closed. The girl sat there on her knees, defeated, with tears streaming down her face. The price of victory had taken its toll for sure, and the wails of loss, a loss she had never comprehended before even a few hours ago, had fallen over her.
Dr. Spanalzo ordered his assistance, saying “hide it away. We don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.” He followed them, looking over his shoulder to the girl, his expressionless face just staring at her, hiding whatever feelings he had.
Once they were gone, Beatrix reverted to her normal form. She was just an ordinary school girl once again, but she was one with three of the star jewels in her possession. Starlight, Starbright, and Starnight. She looked at her opened palm to see the trinket that Hectorephes had handed to her before he was locked away. It was so reminiscent of when she first was given this duty, but his time, she had to fight on for the fallen instead of having him there to guide her.
C-Girl arrived, bending over and catching her breath. “W-wow, Bea, that dragon you were fighting, and that shadow monster thing… both of them looked pretty tough. And you did it, all by yourself!”
“No,” Beatrix stood up and pocketed Starlight. “I had help.” She squeezed the stone tight.
“So, what happened to the dragon? EAST’s scanners got fried after the Beast disappeared. Even our eye in the sky couldn’t see what happened after you two got wrapped up.”
Eleanor came fluttering down, landing beside the agent. “Yeah, Bea. What’s up? How did you do it?”
She looked over her shoulder a moment and shrugged. “Not sure, but could you do me a favor?” She asked this as she held out Starnight high. Using it and Starbright, she transformed into her regular Starnight form.

The day had gone on with students all buzzing about the happenings above the campus. Although security had gone up for the day, things seemed relatively normal. At lunch, Beatrix plopped down with a sigh, not very hungry, but forcing herself through to keep up appearances.
“So, did you see that girl, Beatrix?” Sarah asked. “She was so cool. Like a golden goddess, but even still… that dragon, those shadows that were everywhere,” she shuddered. “They just screamed power!”
“Power’s overrated,” Beatrix said. “Remember that, won’t you?”
“Uh, sure,” Sarah said, taking a drink from her apple juice. “But what’s that about?”
“Nothing you need to worry about, trust me.”
She hadn’t heard from Mbali or the other Magical Girls at school all day. She didn’t really have any classes with them, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was up. Another mystery, perhaps? Or maybe they were getting reprimanded for releasing the shadow thing. But why not her? She couldn’t understand why, save for maybe they knew who she was. They knew she was Starlight? That was impossible, since what happened earlier…

C-Girl pressed a button on her earpiece and nodded. “Alright. All security traces have been overridden. There’s no proof that you or the golden girl were the same person.”
Trixie wrapped her arms over her chest and frowned. “And did you see anything about the Dragon?”
She shook her head. “No, sorry. Either it was totally, uh… erased, or got away without anyone noticing.”
“Ah,” she said, glancing at Eleanor. “That’s too bad.”
The moth girl frowned. “I’m sure someone will find out what happened, sooner or later. Maybe someone who does will step forward to tell us.”
C-Girl shrugged. “Fat chance. We’re a secret organization as it is. There’s no way some random person is going to tell us anything. But Beatrix,” she said, nodding. “If you hear anything, you will tell us, won’t you?”
“Sure, but I need to get going,” she said, waving to her allies and running off, sighing in relief as she got out of earshot of the two.

“So, you didn’t have anyone else to turn to?” Eliza asked, sitting at a bench at the track. She had a book on Paranormal Psychology in her hands and was casually looking over the pages as she listened to the girl speak.
“Yeah,” Trixie said, leaning back. “you’re the only one who really knows the connection between the dragon and Trickstar. I mean… mostly. I may have told some others.”
“You’re afraid that you’ll get in trouble if the authorities found out about your secret identity. Why did you trust me with this information?”
Trixie shrugged. “Dunno. Thought maybe my roommate had too much free time on her hand, and, well, its because of you I even thought to get Trickstar to unlock his true self. If it weren’t for you…” She caught herself.
“You would still have Trickstar in your life. I know,”
“Ye-yeah, I mean, that’s true, but…”
“But without you, we’d all be dead.”
She closed her book and shook her head. “Untrue. You cannot put blame on others for the actions of different people. In our life, and even beyond, people have regrets and blame that they assign to others. It eats away at the soul, and corrupts it from within. That is how vengeful spirits are created. You must live with your own actions, not dwell on the decisions of others. We cannot truly compel someone to make decisions they cannot make on their own.”
“Well, speaking of decisions,” Trixie said, taking a deep breath. “I’m kinda thinking of making a pretty big one right now. It’ll change things, probably forever.”
“Do you wish to hear my opinion on it?”
She smirked and pushed herself up from the table. “Nah. I got to live with my own decisions, right? Don’t want you having any guilt if this backfires on me.”

That night, the students were brought together for a special assembly. The speaker, the assistant principal, was a kindly older gentleman. He waved to the students as he approached the podium and spoke to them all. “We have taken a blow this morning. Many of the student body had been hurt, some were even in danger of losing their lives. If it weren’t for the service of our security and medical teams, things would have ended much more. But there are others who helped. Perhaps they were students, perhaps they were guardian angels. Whoever they were, they saved our school this day by taking the threat head-on. So, I would like to ask you to come out and receive your reward, if you are indeed from our student body.”
The students all talked to each other, wondering if someone they knew could have been the golden form they saw fighting the dragon, or the mysterious white speck in the sky that made the Battle Beast go away. But none of the students would answer the call.
The Assistant Principal licked his lip and nodded. “Very well. Heroes do not have to be recognized to do what they do. But on behalf of all the school, I would like to thank you. Whoever you are.”
The lights in the stadium flashed off, and the cacophony of sound only increased as people panicked, unaware of if they were once again in danger. Suddenly, a spotlight appeared, not from any of the actual lights, but from a star-shaped light floating in the sky. Standing in the middle of the field was Beatrix, in her new golden form. She held a gold microphone shaped like a star and waved to all of the students. “Listen up. This school is a really cool place, and I don’t want anything to happen to it. That’s why, from this day forward, I’m going to be its protector and stop threats directly affecting it from ever harming it again. You have my word as a super hero and as a Magical Girl.
The Assistant Principal grabbed his own microphone and stepped off of his podium. “Young woman. Are you really the one who fought off the Darkness?”
“More than that,” she said, looking over her shoulder to him. “I’m the spark of hope this school needs to keep things going after tragedy. I am the pinpoint of light in the deepest of dark places.
“And just who exactly are you?” he asked. Who should we know to call when things are too big for all of us to handle, hm?”
She smiled at that and threw up her hand, sending sparks of light and fireworks up into the sky. “You all can call me Starlight!”
Chapter 29
There were two figures standing in the makeshift battlefield just outside the school gates. Crowds of people had gathered after the disappearance of the Battle Beast to watch the battle in the sky against the giant dragon and the mysterious golden protector who showed up to save them. Now, the fight had taken a quite unexpected turn. No one in any situation would have ever guessed that the two facing off would come to a standstill over something as simple, yet as profound, as a kiss.
The body of the dragon was frozen in place as he stood there, eyes wide as the girl’s lips pulled free from their impromptu embrace. She let out a breath, her own eyes looking for any sort of recognition to show that their kiss had meant anything to him.
“T… Trixie…” his voice whispered out.
“Tricks?” she asked. “Are you alright? Is that you?” she asked.
A single tear rolled down from his glowing red eye, cascading down his cheek. His body shook.
“Yes? Yes I’m here. Fight his control!” she said, her hands resting on his shoulders. “Please. I can’t lose you to him. Please!”
Her heart sank as she whimpered out a simple “what?”
The shadow emerged from Hectorephes, large red eyes stared down at her as an enveloping darkness emerged from him and shot around her from all sides.
“What? What? Oh crap!”
All she could do was swear out in response as the two were wrapped around in a shell of dark matter that held to them fast and tight, keeping them both from escaping into the word outside of its dark creation.
Darkness. Beatrix floated in a realm of nothing but Darkness. Not even the distant lights that accompanied her journeys with Trickstar in their warps compared to the darkness that she experienced now. She curled up, wrapping her arms around her legs as she felt a tear running down her cheek now. “Is that… is that it?” she spoke to herself, though her voice echoed much farther than the cocoon she was in would allow. The girl was well and truly lost in the void.
“What now? What are you going to do to me?” she cried out, shouting with all her might. “What’s the next step in your twisted game? Huh? Are you going to let me sit here for all eternity? Well, I’m going to make your stay here a living Hell, you hear me?”
The only response she got was her own.
Hours passed, and Beatrix remained floating in true darkness. She was left only with her thoughts. “Its all my fault,” she said. “I wanted to go to the park that night. If I didn’t go, maybe EAST would have found Starnight and Starbright, and the Dark Meteor would have been sealed away. Then, Starfright and Starblight would have never found those stones. Everything would be much better. She could be home. Eleanor would have a life as a normal human being and not be a moth girl. All of this would have never happened.
“A world without you,” a voice finally spoke out. It didn’t seem like the voice of the darkness, nor was it anyone else she recognized.
“Who’s there?” she asked, desperate for any contact with anyone.
“You think a world without you would fare any better?”
“Yeah!” she said. “Of course it would!”
“Then you are mistaken,” before her appeared a figure; a phantasmal thing, feminine in its shape, wearing a white cloak. She was like a white shadow in her appearance, and she floated there in serenity among the nothingness. “Many other worlds have fallen, both those with and without you there to help them.”
“Wait, what…?”
“Your world is the most recent to be visited by the darkness; it is the most recent to be chosen to accept oblivion by his deeds. There was another. It was filled with magic beyond the reckoning of your world: protected from his wrath by giant beings, yet undermined by one of their own.
Flashes of images filled the nothingness. Beatrix saw ages pass, with heroes and villains and adventurers, fighting on either side. Of powerful mages, flying airships, and cities devastated by the awakening of a great power. Then there was a group of individuals, standing in a circle in some Asian country. One of them seemed so familiar. She had black hair, glasses, pointed ears…
The image faded as quickly as it began, and the spirit continued. “There was a world even before that; it was a nexus of worlds that ever sought peace, and even faced an aspect of this threat.
The images appeared again. This time, she saw golden robots fighting each other, a raccoon of some sort fighting against a crowned creature that looked like white ooze, of thirteen hooded figures conspiring over an ancient temple that looked remarkably like the one that was under the school. And finally, she saw… herself. She used Starnight and Starbright, and on her shoulder was Trickstar. They were together and happy. And then she saw saw herself fighting a golden figure. Another thing she recognized.
“The hell is happening here?” Beatrix asked. “What are you showing me?”
“What was and is no more,” the figure responded. “Other failed attempts that have come before you. Just a warning of what you’re facing.”
She stood up and clenched her fist. “Look. I don’t know what you’re peddling here, but I’m going to refuse to believe that!” She began to glow as she spoke, her light getting more and more powerful with each word. “Just because there were other ‘me’s out there, doesn’t make them me, got it? I am Beatrix Bailey. I’m the possessor of Starlight and Starbright and Starnight. I vanquished the dark circus. I corralled the dark meteor and saved everyone doing it.” She placed her hand on her chest and shouted once more. “And as long as I draw breath, and even afterwards, I will fight against the darkness using every force at my disposal. I will not sink into despair. As long as there is a speck of my world left to save, I will make sure someone is there to save it. If hope dies, it isn’t with me?”
Even through the vague form of the figure, a smile emerged. “I’m glad to hear that. You face your very Doom with a determination that many have fought with. Though they all failed, only the most resolute made it the furthest. Just remember. To defeat him you must stay…”
Beatrix spun around, and her heart fluttered. “Tricks!” she ran toward the dragon. “We can do this. We can defeat this thing together!”
The two ran up to each other, reaching their hands out. With a clasp, the darkness erupted and sent fragments of itself splintering off away from them. They collapsed onto the grass, both individuals on their knees.
Standing off to the side was Dr. Spanalzo. The professor huffed as he and others had carried what looked to be a stone sarcophagus to them. His bones rattled at the sight of the two there. “You… you defeated the darkness?” he asked. “That’s-a impressive!
Trixie fell back and sighed happily. “Yeah, well, I guess you just have to use the power of love or some bull, huh?”
Hectorephes stood up and offered her a hand. “I can’t believe it. Is that all it took to save this world? After all the fighting, was my world’s sacrifice what it took to weaken the darkness?” He cracked a smile and laugh. “I can’t believe it. It’s… it’s finally”
“Tricks… what’s the matter?”
Hectorephes grabbed Beatrix by the shoulders and threw her aside, knocking her to the ground once more. A puddle of darkness emerged behind Beatrix and shot forward toward her. But it collided straight into the dragon’s heart. He gasped and stumbled back, his eyes glowing once more. “N… no! Kill me before it takes over!”
Beatrix scrambled to her feet and shouted. “No! I can’t.”
“You have to!” he cries. It’s the only way!”
“Not a so fast!” Dr. Spanalzo said, and he turned to his assistants. “Open de box!”
With a grunt of exertion, the assistants pushed the thing open, and bandages like that from a mummy shot out of the box, grabbing the dragon by the arm and yanking him back.
“Hectorephes!” Beatrix shouted, reaching her hand out for him once more.
“No, this is fine!” he shouted. “It’ll keep the darkness locked up. Live your life, Trixie. Don’t worry about me!”
“I can’t!” she cried. “If you’re stuck in there, I’ve failed.”
“No, it means we captured it together! Here!” He used his free hand to touch her outstretched one, and she felt the stone he had passed on to her a second before the box recoiled him completely inside and wrapped around him, his eyes shifting from the worried concern to pure malice.
And then the box shut.
Chapter 28
The golden trail of light zipped through the morning sky. Everyone could see it, from the magical girls standing outside the old school building, to the EAST agents circling the mountain in their plans, to the students looking outside of their dorm windows. Everyone on campus could see the girl making her way up to the battle with the dragon and the moth girl.
Beatrix herself zoomed quicker than she had before, making it up to where her friend was in no time at all. She grabbed onto her, catching the moth girl bridal style.
Eleanor gasped and grabbed around her friend’s neck as she looked down to the ground, and then back up to her friend. “Bea…? How did you? Since when could you fly?”
“Well, technically its not flying” she said, tapping her foot against the star-shaped platform. “But I could when you asked for it. I think I get it now. I’m not able to make wishes on these stars, like I could when I had Starnight and Starbright. The combination of Starlight and Starbright means that I grant the wishes of others. I wasn’t able to fly until you asked for my help.”
“Wow, that’s cool,” she said, but gasped “look out!”
Beatrix let the star drop down below them, causing them to free fall following it. She looked over her shoulder toward Hectorephes, and narrowed her eyes. “Why are you attacking Eleanor!?” she shouted.
The dragon let out a mighty roar, threatening to deafen her, but she did not move her hands from her friend, in fear of dropping her. During the bellow, she could hear a voice in her head. “Trixie. It isn’t me. I’m sorry.”
Trixie’s mind flashed back to when she saw Eleanor first swatted away by Hectorephes. The moth girl flew down from the disappearing battle beast, her mission accomplished perfectly, but she was not alone descending from the remains of the giant robot. The shadow that had possessed it slipped from the glowing blue butterflies, and flew down directly toward her! That was until the large form of Hectorephes flew straight into the way. The shadow made contact with him and entered, forcibly, into his mind.
Beatrix frowned. “I’m sorry, Trickstar…” she sighed, and then asked Eleanor. “Can you fly?”
“Y-yeah, but what about you? We’re fall-iiiiiiing!” she had to finish her sentence with a scream as Beatrix tossed her away. The falling magical girl spun toward the dragon and held her hands out. “You know this will hurt!” she shouts, shooting a laser light up toward the dragon.
The light struck at Hectorephes, and the dragon disappated into tongues of black flame.
Tears filled Beatrix’s eyes as she saw him puff in smoke, but gasped when the more humanoid Hectorephes flew downwards, straight at her. His eyes glowed with a bright red, and his claws were ready to rend her flesh up and personal.
The star platform swooped down under Beatrix and carried her off away from him. “Whatever you are, you’d better get out of my familiar right now, or I’ll blast you into oblivion!”
“Oblivion…?” she heard echoing through her head. “How appropriate,” the voice continued. “But you know nothing of oblivion. It would be the kindness gift you could ever give to one like me.” He spread the dragon’s wings and held his hands out, orbs of darkness glowing in his palms. He clapped his hands together, sending out swirling spirits of darkness toward her. “One who defies me does not deserve such preferential treatment! Your end will not follow until you experience the utmost agony!”
Beatrix clapped her hands together and produced her staff. She then spun it around like a fan. The high motion deflected the dark shots, sending them off a few feet before they dissipated in a mournful cry. She shuddered after hearing those sounds.
“Unnerved?” he asked, his voice coming from right behind her. She spun around and swung her staff. The weapon stopped inches from the dragon’s humanoid face as he reached up and grabbed it. “You may join them sometime, if you cling so desperately to existence. That is the fate of all who fail.”
“Fail at what?” she asked, dissipating the staff and shoving her right hand up against his face, unleashing a blast of light straight at him. She’s pushed back from the blast, but he remained stationary.
With the light clearing, it was clear that the light did nothing. “It’s no use,” he spoke in a low rumble of a voice. “Your precious familiar is no longer here. His body is mine to command, and his mind rests from the ceaseless fighting that he had to endure in both of his lives. Do you not realize now that you are fighting in a battle much older than even your world? If no one else could stop the end, what makes you think you can as well?”
“I’m not here to stop the end.” She said, planting her feet firmly on her star. With a tap of her foot, she was enveloped with a golden light and shot forward toward him once more. “I’m here to stop YOU!” she jumped up from her platform at the last moment and raised her knee. With the sheer speed at which she moved, the impact came in as a surprise for the possessed dragon. He doubled over, his red eyes widened as he coughed up dark droplets that fell from his mouth. Some of it splashed onto Beatrix’s face, but the rest dropped down out of the sky to the ground below.
She followed up the attack with a jump and a spinning kick, knocking him by the face. “I’m tired of you hiding behind innocent people! If you want to destroy me, then get it over with. Stop with this game and do it already!”
The dragon plummeted down, but she kept chase, holding her hand back and producing her staff in it. “What do you have to say to that idea, huh?”
Hectorephes righted himself and sucked in a lot of air, but Beatrix kept flying towards him. Even when he expelled a blast of dark flame, she kept it up, letting the fire burn at her uniform and her flesh. She hopped off of the star post and threw the staff like a javelin, striking him once more in the stomach.
He let out a pained groan and spun around, holding his stomach.
“I’ll make existing in him so painful for you, you’ll have no choice but to leave!” she shouted, landing once again on her star platform and swooping down by his tail. She used her momentum to pull him along with the flying disc. She stops suddenly and usesthe star to spin aroun din the air. She holds tightly to his tail, keeping up the momentum. “If you can hear me, Tricks, I don’t mean to hurt you, but if you’re sore in the morning, you can totally blame me!”
“Your friend cannot hear you. He is too far within to be let out. The darkness consumes him, like it did back in his home world. When I made him destroy everything he held dear. I will do the same thing now!” The spirit let out an aura of darkness that pushed Beatrix back away from it. It then flapped its wings to steady itself and flew straight for her. “But he is not too far gone to watch as I rip you in two!”
He prepared his claws, revealing his sharp teeth as he drew close with a wicked grin. She did not run. Instead, she pushed forward once more, her staff held out in both hands in front of her, creating a bar that would separate the two. She pushed the bar up against his outstretched hands and pushes against him with her incredible speed, knocking his hands back and pressing the pole against his neck.
“If he’s there enough to see me, he’s there enough to hear me. Trickstar, Hectorephes, whoever you are. You’re my friend, my partner. I’m not going to let him do this to you, especially if he forced you to do this before. You hear me?”
“An admirable declaration,” the shadow responded, “but ultimately futile. Even if you do somehow free him, there are many other ways which I can initiate the end of this world. Even if everyone is prepared for my coming, there is nothing they can do. I have already completed my task.”
By the time he finished that statement, the two of them already crashed into the ground, the dragon’s body pinned down against the ground. Beatrix lay on top of him, pinning him down by sitting on him and keeping the pole against his throat. “Show’s what you know,” she said. “You never faced me before. I’m not going to let you win, even if we play the long game. You made this personal,” she pushed the pole harder against his throat “and I hate it when people drag me into their fights. You’ll never win as long as I have a say in it.”
The dragon let out a croak and pushed up harder against the pole, giving himself some room to breath. “There is no winning. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone.”
“Your attitude is really starting to piss me off!,” she said. “I have you down. The others are going to be coming now, and you’ll be surrounded by a legion of security guards and a bunch more pissed off magical girls.”
“No mere girl can defeat me.”
“Oh, you are NOT going to star playing that card” she said, shoving it down against his throat.
He thrashed about and took quick shallow breaths. “Trixie…” his voice sounded so much like Trickstar’s, but she didn’t let up. “You’ll… you’ll kill him,” he said. “I… I want you to know that he’s alright with that,” he admitted. But he knows that you won’t. Especially since he’s the only one who can help you find out what happened to your father.”
Her eyes widened and her grip lightened. “W… what? But…”
That was enough for him to push her off and pull himself back up to stand up. “He’s been working it out since you two first met. He knew how important the doll was to you, so when you were sleeping, he would go out and do whatever he could to find out what happened to your father. Isn’t it just precious?”
“Don’t you…” she pushed herself up quickly, readying her pole. “don’t you make fun of him.”
“And why not? He is nothing but a doll. Your familiar, a tool you ‘Magical Girls’ use to achieve the power you seek.
“No… he’s not a tool. He’s my friend. You don’t know what we’ve been through together!
“Oh, but I do,” he stepped forward, slowly. “I know everything he’s seen, and feel everything that he’s felt. And he’s felt a lot, ‘Trixie.”
“You’re not allowed to call me that. Only two people can.”
“Yes, the men closest to you… your father, and your”
“Shut up!” she slapped her pole against his face. It struck against his cheek, and he made no moves to defend himself. Spit and blood flew out of his mouth as he was smacked aside. He then looked to her with those demonic red eyes. “What’s the matter? Hit me again. Show me that pain that you promised that would make me want to leave his body. What? Do you think mere physical wounds would scare me off?” He grabbed the pole when she didn’t move and squeezed hard against the magical weapon. The weapon cracked under the pressure of his grip. “I have felt pain the likes you will never understand, unless I show it to you. What you experience now is but a mote in the sea of torment my very existence brings, and now… I will show you more.
“No…” Trixie shook. “Its not working, but…” she looked to him, then let go of the pole. “If that doesn’t work… then… ‘Hectorephes! You better be the one feeling this!” she said, and with that, she ran up to him. The demon snickered, but soon was silenced as her lips pressed against the dragon’s, sending a spark of recognition through the dragon’s mind.
Starlight Chapter 28
This one ends abruptly, I'm afraid. I'm trying to keep each chapter about the same length, and even this one went above the count a bit. Final two chapters are going to be a bit shorter
Chapter 27
“Eleanor! Is that really you?” Beatrix asked. She fell to her knees and watched to the skies as the small white figure flew up towards the battle between the black dragon Hectorephes and the corrupted Butterfly Battle Beast machine.
“You bet it is, Bea!” her voice came in through the radio. “Been awhile; what’s up?"
“The &*^ do you mean, ‘what’s up?” Beatrix grabbed C-Girl’s shoulders and yelled to her ear piece. “I had no idea where you were or what EAST was doing to you. No one would tell me anything,” she said, starting to shudder, a tear forming on her eye. “I was trying to figure out this whole situation because I wanted to find you. I wanted to know you were safe…”
“Geeze, Bailey, C-girl said, rubbing by her earpiece. “I had no idea,”
“Yeah, sorry about that,” Eleanor said. “Can’t exactly tell anyone about what was going on with me.”
“Where were you, what was happening?”
Eleanor didn’t respond.
“I’m here,” she said. “hard to concentrate while riding the wind like this,” she stated.
“Oh, r-right,” Beatrix stated, “sorry.”
“No one knew what would happen to me after that darkness was extracted from me,” Eleanor said. “Sure, I was fine and dandy helping you out before, but because I didn’t turn back to a human form, everyone was worried that I might regress back into the monster I became. So they did a bunch of tests, and I got a clean bill of health.
“So, what, then? No one could tell me?”
“Very secret stuff, Bea! I’m an agent of EAST now. Isn’t that cool?”
“Y-yeah, I guess,” she said, pulling away from C-girl. The agent coughed and covered up her blushing face, turning away from Beatrix. “So, do you know what you’re doing, El?”
The moth girl rose up higher than she had before. She lifted herself into the cloud line. Natural accumulations gathered where the angry clouds of the spirits had left. “I was hoping that you would give me the play by play.”
“I, uh, I don’t know the specifics, but you need to get into the cockpit. Then you should be able to knock the thing back to whatever dimension it came from.”
Hectorephes’s face broke through the cloud line. The dragon’s large reptilian eye caught sight of the moth girl Eleanor gasped and stopped herself in the air, flapping her wings to throw scales toward the giant creature.
The dragon shut his eyes and roared out as some made their way inside his eye lid.
“El! That’s Trickstar!” Beatrix Shouted.
“W-what!?” Eleanor stopped and flew up around him to his face. “Oh so sorry. I didn’t know!”
“Get out of here!” the dragon roared, swiping a clawed hand at his eye to rub the irritants out of it. “It’s coming!”
“It is? I didn’t see it…?” Eleanor looked off toward the cloud bank,and then suddenly was thrown back as the gale threw her, the clouds, and Hectorephes for a loop in the air.
“El!?” Beatrix screamed out, her eyes trying to find her friend within the swirling mass fo clouds. “Ell, are you alright?”
“Y-yeah,” she said. “I just got thrown off. Let’s see. Oh nuts, there it is!”
The Battle Beast emerged from the clouds, its wings spread wide in a menacing display. One large circle was on the underside of each wing, and air blew out through the hole, but now they began to glow with the power of a charge attack.
The radio crackled, and Chouko’s voice came up through the static. “The Battle Beast is charging up its most powerful attack! You can’t let it finish that charge, or it will mean the end of the school!”
“Okay, whoever you are,” Eleanor said. “How am I supposed to do that?”
“Just get inside through the emergency entrance at the cockpit,” Chouko said. “You might have to pry it open, if it doesn’t yield.”
“One challenge after the other,” she said, flapping her wings quickly and flying toward the beast. “How much time do I have to get inside and turn this thing off?”
“Sixty seconds.”
She beat her wings even faster—faster than she had ever done before. Her body wasn’t built for speed, but she pushed her new form forward. “If I can’t make it, I deserve to get blasted by this thing,” she said, pushing herself faster and faster.
“This waiting…” Beatrix said, staring up at the large death machine that had its sights on the school. “It’s killing me.”
“It might be more than the waitng doing that,” C-Girl said.
“What now?”
“If she doesn’t stop the Battle Beast, then EAST has another weapon coming in. It’ll destroy the Battle Beast, but send its pieces crashing into the ground.”
“Thanks for the confidence,” Eleanor said. She latched herself to the cockpit of the creature, which was on one of its compound eyes. She crawled over the glass, looking around for a few seconds, before she finally saw the latch. She grabbed onto it, planting her feet against the window and pulled. She grunted and exerted all of her strength, and the thing yielded. With a click and a hiss, the glass window popped off, sending it and her tumbling away. “Crap crap crap!” she pushed herself off and flew away from the falling glass. The sounds of the whirring up turbines filled her ears. She grabbed onto the edge of the cockpit and pulled herself up, grunting from the exertion and pulling herself in with a tumble into the seat.
She sighed and looked over the controls. “Which button is it?” she asked. The panel was filled with swtiches and buttons and levers, none of which marked in any language she could understand.
“Hello? Hey!”
There was no response through the static.
“No, no no!” she grabbed her head, her antenneae twitching as she looked over all the buttons before her. “I don’t know anything about piloting one of these things!”
A feeling of utter despair floated over her, making her visualize al of the destruction that would now be her fault if she did not stop this device in time. The images flashed over her in a split second, but it felt like an hour of torment. At the tail end of the unnerving experience, she heard—no, felt—a suggestion in her mind.
“Don’t fight it. Let it happen. Everyone scorn your name for prolonging their suffering.”
Eleanor shook her head as the suggestion floated into her. “W-what in the world? Who are you?” she asked, her compound eyes shuddering, her antennae lowering in her recognition. The voice she heard now—it was the voice that had compelled her to do all those things to her friend—to harm all the people in the book store, to almost kill everyone.
“No!” she screamed, lifting her hand up and slapping one of the buttons on the console. “Leave me alone! I don’t want to be that person anymore. I’m me. I’m Eleanor!”
Buzzers sounded off and warning lights flashed in the remainder of the cockpit. She opened her eyes and saw the panel read out ‘Emergency Recall activated. Eject.”
“I… I did it? I did it!” Eleanor pushed her hands against the back of the chair and dove away from the battle beast. “Yeah! I did it!”
The Battle Beast reared back and let out a loud buzzing cry. It glowed with a blue light, soon turning into nothing but a glowing outline of its shape. Tiny little butterflies of light fluttered away from the Battle Beast, dissipating it into the aether, where it would certainly return to where it belongs, waiting to be summoned once more by its Hyper Soldier, Chouko.
“Woo hooo!” C-Girl jumped up, pumping her fist in the air. Trixie licked her lips and kept her fingers at the ready to grab at her stars. “Where is it…?” she whispered.
“Hm?” C-Girl tilted her head. “Where’s what?”
“The shadow… the thing that possessed the Battle Beast.”
Hectorephes flew past Eleanor, swiping her with a claw and knocking her out of her simple fall to an uncontrollable tumble.
“What’s going on!?” C-Girl shouted. “Somebody, save her and stop that dragon! He’s betrayed us!”
Trixie shook her head “no, no no no. Trickstar!” she cried out. She could only stand there, helpless because her wishes could no longer be granted by the star jewels she possessed. If only there was—
It was then that she heard it: the voice was faint, but it was there. Pleading and scared, it rose in intensity and speed as she tuned into it.
It was unmistakable. “Beatrix, please help me!” And it was in Eleanor’s voice.
Beatrix felt a warmth growing in her chest. She brought her left hand up to it and, suddenly, she felt the warmth travel her whole body as a beam of light shot up from the ground, surrounding her and sending its signal to the sky.
C-Girl jumped back and stumbled once again into the bushes. When she pushed herself up, she pointed up to the sky. “What in the world is that!? A meteor?”
The light disappeared around Beatrix and she didn’t have to look. She knew exactly what was coming down for her from the sky. It was no meteor, but a star: not a regular sort of star, but a flat disc of light shaped like one of her star jewels. It swooped down from the sky, trailing light as it went, but came to a sudden stop. Beatrix placed one foot onto it, and then the other, and bent her knees. She licked her lips and nodded.
And the star shot off into the sky, racing to the scene of the action. Beatrix is back in the fight!
Starlight Chapter 27
We're going down to the final stretch, and I'm really going to have to stretch things out in order to fit in everything I want into this story. Well, that's what happens when I fly off the plan, right?
Found this to be interesting. not sure what a "Feature" is, but I'll be interested in looking at characters and stuff sometime.

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